Verruca Multiple Puncture/Dry Needling

Persistent, large or multiple verrucas can be a real problem as they can be painful as well as unsightly. Although there are many "over-the-counter" verruca treatments available, in the case of multiple or persistent verrucae, these can be fairly ineffective. At Neston Chiropody & Podiatry we offer multiple puncture or Dry Needling Verruca treatment, which provides a real solution to stubborn or multiple verruca outbreaks.

Verucca punturing needling neston chiropody

What is Multiple Puncture/Dry Needling Verruca Treatment?
The name is pretty self-explanatory. Having first numbed the area with the use of a local anaesthetic, we literally puncture the verrucas multiple times to stimulate the body's immune system into producing antibodies to fight the virus that causes verrucas. The result is that even numerous verrucas can be treated effectively with as little as one treatment (although more than one treatment may be required in certain cases) and you'll see results in just a few weeks.

Is this a New Verruca Treatment?
The answer is 'no' and 'yes'. The treatment was first introduced in 1969 by Falknor and has been widely used in the treatment of multiple verrucae in the USA for decades, but as there are few podiatrists in the UK who are qualified to administer local anaesthesia, it is a fairly new concept over here. But, with a proven record in the USA, it is becoming more widespread among more progressive UK chiropodists who are qualified to use local anaesthetic (which of course we are at Neston Chiropody & Podiatry).

Is it Painful?
As mentioned above, Dry Needling/Multiple Verruca Puncturing does require a local anaesthetic, but once this has taken effect you'll not feel pain during the procedure.

Why Choose Neston Chiropody & Podiatry for Dry Needling/Multiple Verruca Puncturing?
We are one of the few podiatry clinics that offer this treatment as it requires a high level of training and can only be carried out by chiropodists that are qualified to administer local anaesthetic (which we are). Although this treatment is widely used for multiple, mosaic and persistent verrucas in the USA, it is fairly new in the UK and as a result it is only the more "progressive" clinics such as ourselves that have already embraced it.
By choosing Neston Chiropody & Podiatry, you can be sure of the highest levels of hygiene and safety and have the peace of mind that we only carry out this treatment on clients who we feel will benefit from it. As always, our ethos is to produce the optimum results for each and every one of our clients.

For more information about Dry Needling/Multiple Verruca Puncturing or to book an appointment, please call the clinic on 0151 792 3144 or contact us through the website.