Foot Pain & Sports Injuries

Foot pain affects many people from the very young to the old. Whether you're struggling to stay mobile or you have pain that is limiting your performance as either an amateur or elite athlete, it can have a real impact on many aspects of your life. Furthermore, left untreated, foot pain can lead to other problems in the ankle, knee, hip and back as you try to compensate, often subconsciously, by altering your gait.

But, many causes of foot pain can be treated with a variety of solutions and these will not only alleviate your discomfort and improve mobility and/or performance, they can also avoid or significantly reduce the chances of developing future problems with your feet and other joints and muscle groups in the future.

How can Neston Chiropody & Podiatry help with Foot Pain & Sports Injuries?

Our expert knowledge in podiatry, gait analysis and biomechanics combined with a comprehensive range of equipment, treatment programmes, bespoke orthotics, custom-made footwear and much more, enables Neston Chiropody & Podiatry to provide foot pain and sports injury solutions that are geared to your specific and unique requirements

We approach every client at Neston Chiropody & Podiatry as an individual case, to ensure the best outcome in terms of alleviating pain, addressing gait abnormalities and avoiding future problems, wherever possible. 

Sports Injuries: First-hand knowledge
In addition to our in-depth knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and gait analysis and and our practical experience in treating foot pain and sports injuries at Neston Chiropody & Podiatry we also offer one more vital element: first-hand knowledge and understanding of sports injuries and pain.

Trevor Merrick, owner of Neston Chiropody & Podiatry, is a keen sportsman having played at national level and has first-hand experience of foot pain and sports injuries. This is invaluable in treating clients as with clinical knowledge, practical expertise and personal experience, we are able to understand pain and sports injuries from both a professional perspective and, the most importantly, your perspective.. to provide the best treatment options and avoid future problems.

To discuss your individual foot pain or sports injury problems or to book an appointment at Neston Chiropody & Podiatry, call the clinic on 0151 792 3144, call in or feel free to contact us through the website.