Diabetic Foot Assessments

Diabetes can cause severe foot problems as high glucose levels can affect both your circulation and the nervous system (so that messages from the brain no longer reach your feet).
This can result in a loss of sensation, which means that skin damage, blisters from badly fitting footwear, ulcers and other foot problems can become quite serious before they are even noticed.

It is essential that sufferers check their feet daily for any signs of damage and also have regular foot assessments, carried out by a professional, to reduce the risk of injury, infection and other complications.

Why Neston Chiropody & Podiatry for Diabetic Foot Assessments?

Diabetic Foot Assessment Wirral

As a qualified podiatrist with much experience treating people with Diabetes in Wirral, Cheshire and beyond, we can spot potential problems that are not always apparent to the untrained eye. In addition to treating ulcers and skin damage, with our knowledge of biomechanics and correcting gait problems, we can also help you to improve the way you walk, find the right footwear or bespoke orthotics and give you in-depth foot care advice, so that the risk of developing Diabetic foot problems can be minimised and your feet can be kept as healthy as possible..

If you suffer from Diabetes and would like more information or to book a Diabetic Foot Assessment at Neston Chiropody & Podiatry, call, call in or feel free to contact us through the website.

If you’re unable to come into the clinic, we will be more than happy to arrange a Home Visit appointment for you.