Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

The human body is designed to be perfectly balanced and function seamlessly. But, we're all unique... and while this is what makes us special, it also means we that we all have our own little quirks in our characters and the way we move. While being slightly pigeon-toed or walking over on one ankle may not seem like a big problem, these little "quirks" in our gait and biomechanics can, over time, have an effect on the rest of our joints, muscles and tendons. From calluses, bunions and sore toes to hip and back pain, the way we walk can have a significant impact on our body as a whole. This is why a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis can have a really positive overall effect on how you feel, by highlighting anomalies to address pain or (even better) avoid future problems. 

At Neston Chiropody & Podiatry we are fully-qualified, equipped and experienced in the field of biomechanics and gait analysis, to enable our clients to address existing problems and avoid potential problems before they become an issue.Our ethos is to 'maintain optimum foot and lower leg health" to ensure that the body as a whole works to it's full and optimal potential. It makes sense... every step we take goes through your feet and lower legs!

What happens at a Biomechanical Assessment/Gait Analysis
At Neston we offer a comprehensive range of biomechanical assessments and gait analysis. These involve assessing the joints, muscles and tendons in your feet and lower legs and how they move/are positioned (biomechanics), we then assess you while you walk and/or run on a treadmill to see everything in motion (gait analysis). From this we can see and assess any problem areas such as joint positioning, favouring a leg/foot over the the other, flat feet, knock knees, weight imbalance, etc., and help you to address these issues.

We will then give you advice on ways to improve your gait or address potential problems. These can include simply being aware of the problem and consciously addressing any slight problems that are evident,  exercises to alter your gait and strengthen any weaker areas that other joints may be compensating for, orthotics, custom footwear, strapping and many other solutions to improve your gait... whether you're an elite sportsperson or just feel that your feet and lower legs are causing problems.

Our expert knowledge in podiatry, gait analysis and biomechanics combined with a comprehensive range of equipment, treatment programmes, bespoke orthotics, custom-made footwear and much more, enables Neston Chiropody & Podiatry to provide biomechanics and gait analysis to meet your specific and unique requirements

For more information about the wide range of Biomechanics and Gait Analysis services we provide at Neston Chiropody & podiatry or to book an assessment, call the clinic on 0151 792 3144, call in or feel free to contact us through the website.