About the Clinic

We understand that for clients looking for chiropody and podiatry services on the Wirral, it is the results achieved by our practitioner that count and this is, of course, our number one priority, too. But, at Neston Chiropody and Podiatry we also want our clients to feel relaxed and at ease.Clinic Quote

It can be intimidating, walking into to a clinical environment full of equipment, so we have made great efforts to create a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This is no easy feat (excuse the pun), because to maintain the highest levels of hygiene that we ensure at Neston Chiropody & Podiatry and house the modern, state-of-the-art equipment we use is not always the basis for good interior design.

We do, however, think we’ve got the balance right with a touch of colour and some incredible artwork and, very importantly, a warm and friendly atmosphere… click on one of the images below or call into the clinic to see for yourself…we hope you agree.

Clinic Exterior Clinic Entrance
Clinic Atmosphere Clinic Room